“Conflict and harmony, emotion and reason, extroversion and introversion, conception and intuition, intention and chance, pedantry and Bohemianism, boyishness and mature wisdom, humour and sadness. All these and many more wonderful contradictions can be found in Jan Fišar’s character and his glass.”

Ph Dr. Sylva Petrová
Professor of the University
of Sunderland / GB

Jan Fišar reveals his sculptural education in his unique and complicated figurative compositions. With this exceptional technique of slumped hollow glass that he developed, Jan Fišar created objects that emphasize a strong expressivity.

Jan Fišar symbolically assimilated the connection
between human beings and nature in his “shells”.
The shell symbolizes our mutual world –
our vivid home.

The four prehistoric animals that Jan Fišar created by using a combination of glass and bronze are exemplary for the artist’s eagerness to experiment. By using such high-contrast materials, the artist achieves a powerful creative statement.

For his so called “stones” Jan Fišar took advantage of one of the properties of the material glass, its transparency. By working its surface, he not only made his artistic message, but he also permanently attained new, surprising effects

By painting the optical glass and subsequently
joining the painted parts to one form,
Jan Fišar determined the object’s inner space. That way each movement keeps leading the viewer to new spaces.


Depending on the artistic message
some strong color is added to
the slumped form in the furnace,
thereby achieving the specific effects.

Jan Fišar had a very particular way
of handling the optical glass.
For his message he suppressed this material’s
own beauty for the benefit of the form.

Though fully controlling it, Jan Fišar allows the hot glass maximum freedom. He then uses the left traces to tell the history of the Earth.